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Bolt free barriers offer ~
BarricadeRapid deployment
BarricadeUltimate in safety
BarricadeInnovative interlocking system
BarricadeMinimise installation errors

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Barricade Easy to transport, stack and packs for crowd barriers
Barricade Easy to assemble, fast and quick crowd barriers


Finalist in the prestigious 2013 Australian Event Awards.

World Record attempt at "strongest public temporary structure" in Darwin.

Introduction to barricades

Crowd Control Barriers, Barricades, Temporary Fencing Barricade, Counters, Gates & Corner Sections.
Easy to transport and assemble. Lightweight and modular.

Framelock is a lightweight modular system of hi-tensile aluminium crowd control barriers, barricade or temporary fencing barricades manufactured to meet or exceed Australian and international standards.

Featuring a modern aluminium finish that looks good in any application. Combine barrier fence units with corner sections and service gates to erect a cost-effective, free standing integrated crowd control solution.

Framelock™ Barrier Crowd Control Fencing acts as a barrier between crowds and whatever they need to be kept away from for reasons of safety, privacy or to stop interference in an activity. They are most commonly used at events such as concerts to keep crowds away from stage areas, but other applications include creating a barrier at sports grounds, exhibitions and dangerous areas. In many cases, the erection of a crowd control barrier fencing system at an event is part of the contractual agreement between the event organiser and the entertainment.

Framelock Counters - new range of portable counters - Framelock Counters - new portable counter range!  Visit for more details
Framelock Portable Counters integrate into Framelock Crowd Control Barriers and Fences.  ...see more here.
Extra Safety Features


Wider step provides better footing

Anti trip platform edging

Front anti-trip platform edging

Add ground pins for superior stability

Assemby & Transport


Unique side-pin - rapid crowd barrier assembly

Transport Trolley

Packs flat for easy storage and transport

Lightweight barriers

Complete modular system for venue or touring

Assemby & Transport


Corner FL05 and Counter Top FL10

Corner Sections

Detachable counter tops.