What is a Barricade?

Also referred to as barriers or temporary fencing, barricades have many uses at public events to prevent unauthorised access around specific locations. They can also be used to create walkways to guide people through designated areas at any public event.  Typically barricades are used for ~

  • Concerts
  • Touring
  • Outdoor events
  • Indoor events
  • Venues and Stadiums
  • Conventions and Exhibitions
  • Construction
  • Crowd management
  • Sporting events
  • Museums and galleries
  • Street parades, demonstrations, riots and rallies
  • Temporary fencing
  • Anywhere where crowd control and access is required and when compliance and safety is a priority

Basic Crowd Barrier Unit FL01Anti Trip StripsAdjustable Hinge CornerTransport Trolley FL03

When choosing a barricade system, consider selecting a quality barricade that meets with international and Australian standards.  Framelock Barriers™ barricades have a lightweight, modular system of hi-tensile aluminium crowd control barricades and temporary fencing manufactured to meet or exceed these standards.


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Assembly is fast and easy with the Framelock Barricade System.

Only 2 people are required for assembly!

  • Two people stand either side of the barricade trolley and lift the barricade up and out
  • Stand the barricade up. One person holds the back of the barricade the other slowly eases the floor section to the ground by placing their finger in the side pin hole and bending their knees.
  • The person holding the back of the barrier, should then lock in the back section and push the step down to lock the barrier into place

Combine Framelock barricade fence units with corner sections and service gates to erect a cost-effective, free standing integrated crowd control solution.


  • Wider step provides better footing
  • Front anti-trip platform edging
  • Provisions for ground pins for superior stability on any surface
  • Interlocking panel system

Barricade - temporary fencing - packs flat for easy transport


  • Unique side-pin design allows rapid assembly
  • Packs flat for easy storage and transport
  • Lightweight
  • Complete modular system for venue or touring


  • Gates
  • Corner Sections
  • Detachable counter tops