Framelock Barriers™ Product Compliance & Safety

  • Manufactured in Australia/New Zealand
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality assurance
  • Australian/NZ Structural Design Certification issued 5th September 2007

Meets or exceeds:

  • International Standard BS EN 13200-3:2005 (Spectator Facilities) Annex A
  • WA Health Directorate 2004 (Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings)
  • Crowd Control At Venues And Events, A practical Occupational Health and Safety Guide, WorkSafe (Vic) September 2006
  • Australian standard AS/NZS 1170 parts 0,1 and 2:2002 (AKA loading codes)
  • Australian standard AS/NZ 1664:1:1997 (Aluminium structures)
  • Australian Standard AS 4687-2007 (temporary fencing and hoardings)
  • MCK Metals Pacific. Strength and resistance load testing, November 2006
Framelock Crowd Barriers